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Sandy Scamman
Sandy Scamman, Fitness Trainer
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 Sandy Scamman is a personal trainer in Las Vegas, NV specializing in  men and women’s body sculpting, as well as figure competition  preparation.

May 2013
lineCheck out our updated client Before & After pics of Brian, and new pics of Ben!

April 2013
lineCheck out our new client Before & After pics of Lynn, Constance, Amber, and Christelle!

Here is Lynn's Progression of Back Development throughout months of Training:

July 2011
lineSandy named MS. Element Fitness see below for 4 page layout spread. Sandy is writing expert editorials on fitness, change, working out, and nutrition for Element Fitness. This month's article was on the benefits of training outside in nature.

Sandy was used as a featured model for Sumita's Crystal Tatoo Art in Las Vegas Luxury Magazine's What's Hot? July Issue





March 2011

NPC San Diego Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships (NQ)



This is me at age 42 with the best symmetry I’ve ever had. All of the hard work and eating clean to develop my back and glutes paid off. :) Next step nationals route again team universe July 8th in New Jersey & the USAs here in Las Vegas. lineView photos here!


Update: look for me as a contributing writer and model in element fitness magazine starting in the month of June!  I also was awarded one of the top 5 best booth bodies at the Arnold 2011 expo booth.  Vote on Facebook at the muscle & body magazines page for the month of June so I have the opportunity for a full photo spread in a future issue!


Client Amy G.

Do not be afraid of “bulking up”. The average woman doesn’t maintain enough testosterone to build muscle very large or quickly.
FACT:  Muscle is more dense that fat and burns more calories.   One pound of muscle consumes/burns 40 times as much calories as one pound of fat.  The simple fact is the more muscle you maintain the more calories you need to consume.


Training Specialties:

Body Fat Reduction
Figure Competition Preparation
Nutritional Guidance
Cardiovascular Conditioning
Muscle Gain
Core & Balance Training

Kristen Genzano/Figure Competitor, Kim Oddo/Nutritionalist  Kim Oddo, Nutritionalist

Nutritional Guidance
  • Eating right takes planning ahead and a balanced  individualized diet
  • Training with me provides you with a diet, exchange list, grocery list and personal assistance at the grocery store
  • Start today with reading Tosca Reno’s Eating Clean Diet book and increasing your meals to 4-6 times a day
  • I’ve worked with nutritionist Kim Oddo to prepare for figure competitons
      Sandy Scamman

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